Jason Heine

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Video Games/Movies

Racing Apex

Racing Apex - Lucky Mountain Games (PC, Linux, Mac)

January 2017 - In Production

Soundtrack Composer


Justice Beaver

Justice Beaver - Collectorvision Games (Super Nintendo)

March 2015 - In Production

Music Composer, Music Executive Producer

 Planet 1138

Planet 1138 - Triskelion Games (PC, Amazon Fire, Google Play Store)

September 2015

Music Composer


Horizon Shift

Horizon Shift - Flump Studios (PC STEAM)(Link)

 September 2014 -May 2015

Music composer, sound design, Audio Executive Producer


Ophion (Conquest 2) - Triskelion Games (Wii U, Mobile In Development)(Link)

August 2014

Music composer, sound design, audio Executive Producer


Signal To Noise - Solanimus Games (PC STEAM in development)(Link)

August 2014

Music composer and featured artist.

Motor Rock 

Motor Rock - Yard Team Games (PC STEAM)(Link)

February 2014

Voice Actor / Game Announcer


September 2013

Produced sound design and music for Gamester81's YouTube video bumper.

Happy Console Gamer The Movie 

Happy Console Gamer The Movie (YouTube, DVD)(Link)

January 2011 – September 2012

Music composer and sound design

Conquest Xbox 360 

Conquest - Triskelion Games (XBOX 360)(Link)

February 2011 – May 2011

Music composer


Conservatory Of Recording Arts & Sciences


Master Recording, II

2008 – 2009

· Audio recording and production.
· Video game audio and Audiokinetic's Wwise pipeline.
· MIDI setup, operation and programming.
· Post production synchronization, spotting, and recording for ADR, SFX and music.
· Surround sound recording and mixing.
· Troubleshooting for gear and computers.
· Extensive training in engineering and assisting during tracking and mix sessions.
· Engineered and assisted on several extracurricular projects and sessions.

• SSL 400E/G+, Neve VR, Neotek Elete, Digidesign CI24, various small format consoles.
• Strong understanding of signal flow and troubleshooting principles.

• Pro Tools HD 7-11 (CRAS Tiers1-3); Logic Pro 8; various plugins; sample libraries, effects and tools;
Audacity; Virtual Dub; Fruity Loops 8' Microsoft Office Suite; Apple iWork Suite.
Final Cut Pro/Express; Apple iMovie, Garageband

Outboard Gear
• Compressors, gates/expanders, EQ's, pre-amps, sonic maximizers, live sound
effects and interfaces.

Live Sound
• Knowledge of signal flow for disc jockey and live band applications, amplifiers, club mixers and lighting.
• Over 16 years of musical performing and master of ceremony skills.

• Large assortment ranging from Shure's SM57 to Newmann's U87.
• Various techniques and applications of microphone phase theory.
• Proper care and handling of microphones