Jason is the head of Heine House Entertainment, a company that develops custom audio innovations and works on other creative projects. Jason travels the convention scene to speak about retro video games, and to perform live video game drum cover songs. When producing music, he loves twisting genres which he is heavily influenced by. Hip-Hop, New Jack Swing, Synth Pop, and Chill styles of music are all included.

Born in Portland Oregon, Jason is a multi-talented Musician and Audio Engineer. His audio resume includes original soundtrack scores and sound design for video games and indie films, voice-overs, live performances and content on YouTube and Twitch. Jason is co-host and producer of The "All Gen Gamers" Podcast. Today, Jason continues to compose music under his independent music label Heine House Entertainment LLC Located in Phoenix Arizona.


Heine House Entertainment has been creating high-quality audio since 2001, and active in video game audio since 2010. Jason produces sound design, voice-overs, music composition, mixing, and mastering.

Basement beginnings...

Heine House Entertainment started back in 2001 (then named Heine House Records) in Clackamas, Oregon (pictured above and below in 2005).

"I have been a musician since 1996. Drums are my primary instrument, however, my history with music runs much deeper. In 1996 my parents bought me a drum set for Christmas, this was the single day that changed my life forever. I transformed my bedroom into my personal music room, where more and more gear accumulated. Eventually, I needed more space, so my father and I had a spare room in our basement finished with sheetrock and carpet. So in 1997 inside those walls, Heine House Records was born."

(Pictured below Jeremie Murfin (Rex Sole) and Jason recording guitar parts for "Through The Night" off of Jasons first release Personal Invitation in 2003).


(Pictured above) Jason in the studio checking UV meters on the analog Otari MTR90 during mix down in 2008.


(Pictured below) Mixing percussion on a Neotek Elite analog console in 2008.

Through the years, Heine House Entertainment has worked in several different locations including Oregon, Colorado and Arizona. The Heine House in 2012 (pictured below).


 Today, Jason continues to produce audio for indie projects, video games, and YouTube!